Hillary Bedford


I was raised in the Great State of Kentucky. I now live in VA Beach. I was in the military ( called back to active duty ). Decided that this was time, to move on and do other stuff. I have a 3 yearold daughter, that lives in Ohio, for the time being. I am laid back, very easy going grounded type of person. Which I also have a wild side, which infrequently gets me in trouble, but things happen. I really like to have a good time, I'm employed to hard not too. Plus, it makes life more engaging that way. I also, have a caring side, which looks to be my down fall. But hey nobody is perfect.

Fashion Stylist Only For You

28th July 2010
You probably would never hire a plumber to fix your vehicle. You'd probably by no means hire a mechanic to stitch your own wedding dress and you also would never hire a dressmaker to fix your leaking pipes. The point here is you would probably never emplo... Read >